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Rick King


Pastor Rick King became the full-time pastor of Gulf Coast Bible Church in August of 2017.

When Rick was a college student in his early 20s, he heard the Gospel and was saved in a small Bible Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. After salvation, the Lord in His grace provided two Bible churches where he was able to learn the Word of God for many years.

While working in the business world during that same time, the Lord re-directed his path to seminary where he would gain the tools and knowledge he needed to use his spiritual gift of pastor-teacher. Upon earning his Master's degree from Tyndale Seminary, Rick became the pastor of Gulf Coast Bible Church.

He and his wife and family are thankful to be with this flock of believers who are firmly rooted in the Truths and grace of Jesus Christ.

Together, Rick and the members of the church aim to continue carrying God’s banner of Truth and love, marching on wisely during the days they have been called to live.


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